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Spa Policies
*There are no refunds.
*Please keep in mind that nail polishes and French manicures can chip easily on natural nails. If your natural nails are bent, the nail polish or French manicure will chip off right away. Therefore, there is no guanrantee for how long the nail polish or French manicure stays on your natural nails.
*If clients are not satisfied for any reason, we will re-perform the services within 3 days.
*Please do not include tips to your credit cards.
*We reserve the right to take the next client if you arrive 10 minutes late for your appointment. The next available nail technician will take you.
*Please call if you're unable to keep your appointment. Your promptness is appreciated.
*We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.
*Please inform our staff if you have any medical problems or allergies that may affect the services.
*Prices and services are subject to change without notice.
*We accept MasterCard and Visa.
*Please talk softly and keep your children quiet while clients are trying to relax.
*Please keep your cell phones in silent or vibrated mode while clients are trying to relax
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